1   What is your age group?

A. 20 and below (6.20%)

B. 21-40 (59.50%)

C. 41-60 (27.4%)

D. 60 and above (6.87%)



2   What is your cultural origin?

A. South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka)   62.01%
B. South-East/ East Asia   2.09%
C. European [including North America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe]   30.38%
D. South American   1.42%
E. Middle Eastern   0.59%
F. African   0.50%
G. Other.   3.01%


4   What is your religious orientation?

A. You are very religious, and follow all the rules and rituals of your religion.   10.8%
B. You have a religion but do not follow all rules and rituals.   50.71%
C. You do not have a religion but you believe in God or in a Higher power.   17.5%
D. You are an atheist and don’t have any religion, nor do you believe in God.   13.31%
E. None of the above.   7.54%


5   What is your highest level of education?

. A. Illiterate/ no formal education (only for surveys done orally)   0.25%
. B. High School   7.04%
. C. College   16.23%
. D. University   39.33%
. E. Professional degree, eg. Medicine, Law, Engineering etc.   37.15%


6   Indicate your gender.

A. Male   38.16%
B. Female   61.84%


7   This is a hypothetical situation. The law allows you to have only two children at the most. However, you can use medical techniques to choose what gender you want those two children to be. What would your choice be?

A. A boy and a girl.   25.52%
B. Two girls.   6.11%
C. Two boys.   1.08%
D. No gender preference.   67.28%


8   In certain countries families choose to abort a pregnancy if the ultrasound shows that the foetus is female. How many female foetal abortions do you think take place in a country like India each year? [You don’t have to know this answer. Just take a guess]

    A. None.   0.92%
    B. Less than 1000 a year.   4.02%
    C. 1000-2000 a year.   14.64%
    D. Upto 10,000 a year.   41.67%
    E. Upto a million a year.   38.7%


9   Due to the bias against the girl child, the natural gender ratio in certain countries have become very distorted. In many communities, the total number of boys + men is much higher than that of girls + women. In which sections of the society do you think the gender ratio gap would be largest?

A. Among the poorest and most illiterate.  40.4%

.B. Among the wealthiest. 11.55%

.C. Among the educated and economically comfortable middle-class. 23.35%

.D. Among the educated but struggling middle-class. 24.52%


10   A 25 year old woman is mugged by a stranger, who shoots her dead to steal her purse. In another case, a 25 year old woman is shot and killed by her husband, when her parents refuse to buy a brand new car for him. If you were on the jury for these two cases, how would you judge them?

A. Both Crimes are of same severity.  42.93%

B. Mugging deserves a harsher punishment.   1.34%

C. The domestic crime deserves a harsher punishment. 53.14%

D. None of the above. 2.59%


11.   Which of the following best explains the cause of domestic violence where women get beaten and abused by their husbands?

A. The wife provokes the attack by constantly nagging her husband and finding fault with him. 3.77%

B. The husband is a frustrated man of low self esteem and would batter his wife even if she said or did nothing. 62.8%

C. The husband really does not want to hit his wife, but just loses self-control. 5.36%

D. The husband has a drug and/or alcohol abuse problem and that is what causes him to get violent. 14.4%

E. None of the above. 13.5%


12   In a news program on T.V. you see the case of a young woman who was badly disfigured when she was attacked with acid by a man whose advances she had rejected. Her facial features are destroyed, she’s blinded and can barely speak. What kind of an effect would this program have on you?

A. As bad as it is, you hear about cases like this quite often and most probably, after the program is over, you might not think or speak about this case again. (16.9%)B. It makes you very angry and you think about that poor girl for many days after that, and you discuss it with your friends and people you know. (61.7%)

C. It has a big effect on you and you try to seek more information about this girl, and want to see if you can offer help. (15.0%)

D. None of the above.  (6.28%)



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